Street Sweeper Gutter Brooms

Block Styles:
Plastic Clip On Blocks,
Wooden Base,
Plastic Segment Blocks
12", 13", 16", 
18" 2 seg, 4 seg, 5 seg

Oil Treated Wire (W),
Oil Tempered Wire (OTW), 
Poly(P) or Combination (WNP)
For those Customers that choose
to fill their own Gutter Brooms
(Raw Material) 

Better sweeping power for Elgin Whirlwind, Elgin Geo Vac and the Johnston 600 + 700 Series Sweepers, try SESCO's two segment Plastic Block Gutter Brooms available in two or three rows(Part No. 16GB2S26). Fliament choices include poly, wire, and wire poly.

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